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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions we get as we help our customers to the first page of the major search engines:


1. Will you work with one of my competitors?
NO, we only accept I client per business type per city!

2. How long is our contractual agreement?
The agreement is month to month. After the first monthly payment is made if you decide our marketing isn't right for your business just contact in writing and everything will be cancelled. Although many times it is much faster, it might take 30 to 45 days before all of the terms are on page one.

3. What if I cancel?
While the majority of the work is yours to keep and will remain in effect forever, we will undo the portions of the project that we have controlled. We will quit working on the site and find another company in your area offering that service to work with.

4. Is your process considered "White Hat" SEO?
Yes, we follow all the rules for obtaining our listings.

5. How long will it be before I see results?
It may be as fast as a few days or a few weeks, but most likely it will be about a month to 6 weeks.

6. How do I track the effectiveness of your service?
We will set up Google local analytics for your listings and send you monthly reports.

7. Is the content you develop for organic rankings about me or my site?
Yes Any listings we create in local directories will include your contact information and links.

8. How many keywords can I use?
We typically work on sets of 4 keyword phrases for the regular package price. But you may end up with 6 or 9 and combinations of those.

9. Is "Houston Divorce Attorney" three keywords or just one?
It is just one for our purposes - it is a keyword phrase.

10. Will my organic listings help my Local Business Listing, and vice versa?
Our research has shown that it does play a role in maximizing exposure and displays of your company. What we create is a large list of backlinks to your main site which is always helpful in increasing your position.

11. Who owns the Local Business Listing after it is "claimed"?
We will have control over your local listings so we can always make changes needed to keep top listings. This is just 1 more thing you don't have to deal with.

12. Can you really "Guarantee" first page results?
We guarantee you will have a first page listing for at least 1 of your search terms or you don't pay another cent!

13. This looks like just what I need - what do I do next?
Fill out our web form and we'll contact you, contact me directly Edward Burke CEO 561-310-8188 to discuss what's next or make the deposit payment now and well begin your work. As soon as payment is made you fill out our month by month contract and select your search terms. We will then research your search terms to make suggestions on which ones we would recommend to be the best but you will always have the final say. Then we will complete our work. It may take 2 to 3 days to complete our work.








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