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How it works:

1. You pay $300.00 down and choose "payment type" #1 or #2 below.
( Payments for payments type #1 or #2 are due every month on the same day as the contract.)
2. You "pay in full" and keep the $300.00 deposit.

We maintain everything, no other fees or charges!
If you don't have at least 1 listing on the first page of Google within 4 to 6 weeks,
we'll refund your money, no questions asked!

Payment Type:

#1. Month by Month - $300.00 down & $269.00 a month (starts 30 days from contract date). You may cancel this "month by month" contract with a written "cancellation notice", received by, at least 3 weeks prior to the next payment due date.

#2. Monthly Payment plan : $300 down & 24 monthly payments of $169.00

( either monthly payment contract may be transferred to a "paid in full" contract at any time)

#3. Paid in full - $2,990.00 (That's it, you're done)

What you get for FREE!

First page listings in Yahoo and Bing!
First page listings in the cities around your city!
(Only Google listings are guaranteed)

*If payment is not made all listings, provided by our company, will be removed.



Simple Contract

This Contract is entered into by and between Edward M Burke Jr. owner of, known as the "First Party" and you the "Second Party" listed below. The term of this Agreement shall begin on the date of the signed contract and shall continue through the life of the contract specified below (month by month - monthly contract, monthly payments - 2 year contract and "paid in full" - one year contract.

The specific terms of this Contract are as follows:

1. In consideration of the mutual promises set forth herein, the First Party covenants and agrees that it shall 1. Build a one page web site "splash page", using some of the graphics and content from the clients original site. We will submit our work to Google, Google local, Yahoo, Yahoo local and Bing. We will also submit our work to "Merchants Circle and Hot Frog" ( local directories). Every link from every thing we create will go directly to your main web site, if you have one. Within 4 weeks, your business will have a listing on the first page of Google. Within 6 weeks you will have a listing in the Google "local business" listings for up to 4 "keywords or keyword phrases" directly related to your business.

2. We will host our splash page and make any modifications or updates if need for one year from the date of this contract. We will NOT make any changes to your existing web site. Getting indexed or "listed" in Google "local business" listings can take up to 6 weeks. Everything will be included, in order to get your business listed on the internet, including all fees associated with your web site, including but not limited to, hosting fees, the domain name purchase and monitoring after you get listed to ensure your web site keeps a first page listing.

3. At the end of our contract or after 2 years, we will have everything transferred to you and set up at a hosting company of your choice. At such time all fees, such as hosting, domain renewal, form fees and any other fees associated with your web site will become the second parties obligation. Multiple splash pages or doubling the number of "keywords or phrases" can be purchased. Each additional (splash page) for another area or more key words is considered another splash page and will be priced the same.

4. The Second Party covenants and agrees that it shall 1. Provide all material needed to create web site. We are allowed to copy images, page links and content which we might use on the splash page we build for you. We want to be able to create the same theme as your existing web site. There will be no other fees besides the contract price agreement, during the term of this contract. Payments can be made with credit card or check. Monthly payment plan will be due 30 days from the date of this signed contract. Total payment "in full payment", will be due within 2 days of the signed contract. If monthly payments are not received on due date, your splash page and other listings may be taken down until payment is received. This may cause a loss of position in the search engine.

5. The (second party) has 3 business days to cancel this agreement from the date the contract is signed, done by e-mail (, fax (561-423-6165) or by calling me directly at 561-310-8188. If this contract is canceled within this time period all money will be refunded, no questions asked.

This Contract may not be modified in any manner unless in writing and signed by the first party. This document and any attachments hereto constitute the entire agreement between the Parties. This Contract shall be binding upon the Parties, their successors, heirs and assigns and shall be enforced under the laws of the State of Florida. This contract is for Google "local business" listings only. After we received the contract we will sign it and send you a copy either by e-mail or fax.

Payment Type: (please check payment type)

1. (paid in full) $2,990.00 ___
2. (Month by Month) $300.00 down & ($269.00 a month) __
3. (Monthly Payment plan) : $300 down & (24 payments) of $169.00 a month __

Please select keywords:

(Signature - first party)

___Edward Burke Jr
(Printed Name First party)

(Business Name - first party)

(Signature - second party)

(Printed Name- second party)

(Business Name - second party)

(Address - second party)

(City - second party)

(State and Zip - second party)

(Email - second party)

(Fax - second party)

(Phone -second party)

Date: _________________, 20___

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Contract and Payment Options:
 Online: Print and fill out a copy of this contract. (click the "print this page" button above) Click the "BUY NOW" button to make a down payment. Fax both copies to : 561-423-6165 or email to: We will return your signed copy of this contract and begin work on your web site. 

By Email or Fax: Fill out this contract. Click the "BUY NOW" button to make the down payment. Fax to : 561-423-6165 or email We will sign and return by fax or email your signed copy of this contract. Once payment is confirmed we will send you an email stating we have started your work.

 By Mail: Fill out contract completely, include a check or click the "BUY NOW" button above and send to: No Competition 5100 Arbor Glen Circle Lake Worth Fl. 33463. We will sign and send you a copy. When the check clears we will email you and let you know we have begun work on your site. The contract date will be the date the money clears. 
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