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We are a 7 year old company located in Lake Worth, Florida. We are dedicated to helping small businesses achieve first
page listings for both the local business listings and the "generic" top 10 listings. We provide a quality service for the advertising dollars spent.

Our goal is to consult with small businesses and help them achieve high local listings. We were one of the first to begin to work Local
Business Listing (now called Google Places). We found that the having both local and top 10 listings increased the number of clicks to their business.

While we love to study the technology and figure out what makes the search engines work the way that they do, we are also business people who realize
that any dollars spent need to provide a return on that investment or the client will not make the investment again.

We speak with many potential clients who have been burned other SEO firms in the past, giving them money and getting little or no results. That is why we don't
lock anyone into a long term contract. If a client is not happy with the results, they can just cancel our service and a "if you're not listed on the first page" you don't pay guarantee.

If any other local marketing company can't or won't show you results like this, you're wasting your time and money!

Are you ready to dominate the search engines?



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places advertising

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This is one of our clients "Paramount Adjusters" in Hallandale Fl"

They wanted to be listed for "adjusters and insurance adjuster" in "Hallandale Fl"

If you live in the Hallandale area and search Google, it will automatically bring up "places " listings for that area!



Is this cost effective?

Do you use ANY marketing right now that gets as much traffic to your business for less than $25 a week ? I doubt it!

How much will this cost me?

  • First page in Google $99 a month!
  • First page in Yahoo and Bing FREE, it's included! All 3 for $99 a month!
  • The 3 most used search engines equals more traffic!
    (There is a $200 non refundable deposit required to perform all work needed to achieve top listings, then a monthly payment of $99 to maintain listings)
How long will I be stuck in a payment plan?
  • No long term contract! You control how long you use our places marketing! (see cancellation policy below)

Do I need a website?

  • NO, You can have top spot with or without a web site!

Does it matter how small my business is?

NO, your business will be in the top 3 no matter how much competition you have or the size of your business.

Will you sell this to all my competition?

  • No! We will only offer our marketing to 1 businesses like yours in your city.
This is sold on a first come first serve basis! Will your business be the one that
has page 1 listings in Google, Yahoo and Bing or will it be your competitor?


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Places Advertising

Back in 2008, Google and other major search engines began to incorporate local business search results. The original and still highly used "maps listings" grew and was combined with places advertising. When searches for a local business were done there were now 2 great sources maps listings, the original local marketing and the new places advertising.

Today, even though many people still use searches containing the city the business is in can now just search the search term itself in places advertising. Places advertising already target the area where the ip address for the search comes from. In places advertising you can also change the "current location" and add a custom location to search different areas. Google may display places advertising results or prompt searchers to indicate whether or not they were looking for local results or worldwide results.

Local places advertising results appear as three, seven or ten business listings, commonly called the "local 3-pack," "local 7-pack," and "local 10-pack", alongside a map that displays the location of the businesses. Places advertising results only ever appear on the first page of the search results. These places advertising listings commonly appear at the very top of the page - just below the sponsored listings and above the top ten organic results .

This means that it's possible for you to achieve top search engine listings without using your web site. Places advertising allow all business a chance to be on the first page of a local search without having an expensive web site. Top places advertising is seen by 90% of all the clicks made on the first page.
As a matter of fact, you don't even need a website to have a places advertising listing because Google "composes" Places advertising listings from data it receives from the business submitted. They may use an Internet Yellow Pages listing, if you have one as the listing for your places advertising. This makes it possible for any business in any city to use places advertising for their business.

Slower amount of submissions due to our economy has made getting places advertising listings easier because of less competition. The level of competition in Google's local places advertising is very low for most for most keywords compared to Google's universal SERPs.

For example, following are the levels of competition for the search term "Vancouver real estate agent" in both Google's universal search results and in Google's places advertising search results:

" 40.3 million Results in universal search results - means that your web site would have to beet 40.3 million listings to obtain a spot on page 1 in Google top 10 generic.

" 6,902 results in local business search results - meaning that your Places Advertising listings has to beat only 6,902 other spots to have top listing in places advertising.

On top of low levels of competition it's also important to know that the demand for local search results is substantial: According to Google Places Stats and Facts one in five of all Google searches have a local intent behind it. So targeting places advertising can be very beneficial.
Local SEO is Different than Universal SEO

One of the biggest problems is that most businesses and many places advertising companies, do not understand how Google ranks local search results. They do not even know that Google's ranking algorithm for places advertising results is completely different from its ranking for universal search results.
And it has to be because many times they aren't ranking a web page just a business listing provided for many places advertising listings. For global rankings, only web sites are used for results.

The time to strike is now. Claim and optimize your Google Places Advertising and watch as your business becomes a dominant force online in your local market.





Map Listings and Places Advertising

Google is always on the edge of finding new services that can help people who search online. For local businesses, map listings and places advertising may be the most powerful local marketing available. You may have heard a lot about Google Local Map Listings and places advertising and may be wondering if places advertising can be an effective addition to their local marketing. The real question is "how effective can it be" and how much it will cost me.

Google Map listings and places advertising both focus and target potential local customers. Maps listings are still used if places advertising are not available for certain search terms. Not all search terms are available for places advertising. There are always maps listings and a certain amount of people still use and prefer maps listings over places advertising. Many map listings and places advertising companies are now adding this service to their standard SEO and local marketing packages because both map listings and places advertising can be very effective at expanding your local market.

In fact searches have demonstrated that 82% or more use online search engines such as Google map listings and places advertising to find local information, and reviews of local businesses that have either a map listings or places advertising.

Map listings and places advertising is truly a unique way of marketing to potential local customers. Businesses are no longer looking for their local targeted market but market is searching for them by using local searches like map listings and places advertising. This means that companies no longer need to focus on new places to market their business and they can simply create a customized business profile in places advertising, optimize it, and wait for clients to search for them.

Map Listings and places advertising are great marketing tools and can give any business the chance to compete locally. Adding social bookmarking, local; directories this is possible because Google Local Maps itself is free of cost; it is the optimization that can entail a small monthly budget depending on the competitiveness of the industry. When optimized properly it greatly improves a company overall business. It allows companies to increase their online exposure, attract new clients, and increase sales.




Local Marketing and places advertising

Small businesses that provide a local product or service can no longer tap into the local market without having local online listings like places advertising. They can no longer ignore that every day more and more people use search engines to find local services and products. The advent of "Local Search Results" by Google, Yahoo, and Bing, the top 3, small businesses now have the power to reach more local potential customers in a more effective way. The old standard print media marketing just isn't as effective as it used to be, even though it's become more expensive to use. Places advertising can generate local buzz for your business at a very reasonable cost. This makes placers advertising a great investment to add to your local marketing plan.

Local searching has been replaced by PDA's, cell phones, I pads, and computers. The small local businesses that have an online presence can optimize their site and listing no only to survive but to dominate their market. As local consumers search places advertising online for products and services, the businesses listed in that top places advertising spots will benefit from all the traffic. This can make it much easier to have a relationship with existing and potentially new customers.

The Problem is that Places Advertising and Online Marketing can be a multi-faceted operation by adding other local services like Local directories, and social marketing which can build good backlinks for your places advertising. In addition the local marketing industry is constantly changing and new releases of more local marketing products are always appearing. Being updated by any new marketing techniques and strategies can only improve your overall local brand.

To compete in the online marketing and places advertising environment it requires you stay on top of all available local marketing many of which can accent the local marketing you use now. Both on and off-site Search Engine optimization is necessary for top places advertising to work at its best. However, off-site is the most important when it comes to places advertising. Here are a few examples of off-site challenges for the nonprofessional:

A. Social Media Accounts like Twitter, Article Directory and Video Directory Accounts, Social Bookmarking Accounts, RSS Accounts, and Forum Accounts all can have a positive effect on your places advertising.

A. Google Place Advertising, Yahoo and Bing Local Listings are also an important part of off-site optimization.

A. Online Content--the quantity and quality of Articles and Videos published online from all sources.

1. Back Links--the quantity and Page Rank quality of One Way Back Links.
The wide variety of knowledge and skills required for professional status, coupled with continuing education makes local marketing quite challenging for newbies. Few small businesses have the resources to do all that is required to get the best results. A Local Marketing and Places Advertising professional firm is likely the only and perhaps the best solution to make the most out of local marketing.




How to Dominate With Google Places

Google has always been one of the biggest pioneers when it comes to new technologies. In 2008, Google introduced local business search results. Back then; this feature was integrated into Google Maps. As time passed by, Google Places Advertising became a stand-alone feature where users could search for local businesses using specific keywords and other factors and generate results on the first page.

Recently, Google has further refined Places advertising and users can now get local m business listings for related search terms without entering a zip code or city. If you search for a particular term using Google, you will get listings of local businesses according to the ip address of where the search originated. This has made looking for local businesses more convenient.

When Google Map listing displays its search results, you will usually see business listings in groups of 1, 2, 3 or 7. Professionals in the local marketing industry refer to these groupings as local 7-pack, local 3-pack local 2-pack, or a one box. These results are integrated into a map that allows users to get relevant information about that business. When searching for local businesses, you will see Places advertising results at the top part of the first page. These results can be found right above the 'top ten" or organic results and right underneath the "sponsored listings", which are PPC. Rarely places advertising may be in the center of the page instead of the top

While getting the number one spot can be difficult for much business, you can still dominate with almost any of the places advertising spots on the first page. Since Places advertising search results usually appear on the top part of the first page you will still have a share of the total traffic generated by being on page 1. But obviously, the lower your business is on the list is who gets the most traffic.

This can be just as effective as getting the first spot in organic search rankings. When you consider that 90% of all clicks happen on the first page of Google and the places advertising listings. In fact, you can still take advantage of Google Places advertising even if you don't have a website. They will actually generate a listing from the information you submit. They may also use local listings of your business and tie them together. Either way having a web site is not required to have places advertising but it doesn't hurt! Since this information can be found all over the Internet, your business will still be included with or without a website. Simply having an Online Yellow Pages listing can earn your business a spot in places advertising search results

While competing for organic keywords used in standard searches can be very difficult because all the keywords are already taken and the competition is usually high. In a local search you might have only 20 businesses to compete with for the keyword "pest control", which is much easier to obtain. Recent reports from Google indicate that less than 4 million pages have been claimed from a total of 50 million pages worldwide for the local search index. So getting the right keywords for your business can be attainable but the longer you wait the chance you take of other businesses using your search term.
Here are some numbers that indicate the lack of competition for Google places advertising keywords. If you search for the keywords " custom suits new york ", Google's universal search results indicate around 26.6 million searches and local business search results indicate 2,615 results.





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