Answer: No, the worst that will happen is that you'll have 2 and ours may help boost yours higher in the search
When do we start charging for our service?
Does it matter if I already have a listing in the local search?
Answer: We don't charge you until we can show yo, that you have a listing on the 1st page for the search terms selected.
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How Can We Help
Your Business
Isn't Internet Marketing Expensive?
We know most businesses already have a monthly budget that they use for marketing their business. The question is, Is the money being used in the best place for the best results. There's an easy way to find out. You should have an idea on how effective your current marketing is.
What if you used a small portion of that monthly budget and added some local internet marking for a couple months and see how it works? If you see a change for the better, then you can reduce what you spend on other marketing by using smaller ads or smaller part of the page and stay within the monthly budget you already have.  But unless your business can be found on the 1st page on the internet, you might just as well keep doing what your doing, because unless you can be found on the 1st page in a local search, NO ONE will find your business. 94 % of all local business are selected from the 1st page. No body uses page 2 or higher to find a local business.
What's Included?
You pay NOTHING until we can show you, that you are on the 1st page.

If we don't get you there, you pay NOTHING, what do you have to lose?

NO Long-term contract, try it, use it as long as you like, cancel anytime.

Free Submission to both Google and Bing local & Apple Maps
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The phone books, ads in newspapers, local shopper s, coupon books, all can still play a part in marketing your business. But now the internet has changed everything. You can search for any service or type of business, online, quickly and easily. You can use your desktop, tablet, lap you and your cell phone to find local businesses. But unlike phone books, coupon books and monthly savers, the information is available 24-7, 365 days a year. This makes having a presence online the most valuable tool when it comes to marketing your business.
Question or Comment?
GUARANTEED to increase your local traffic by 200% or more!
You read that correctly, we guarantee your local traffic will increase by 200% or more within 1 month!
I know what you're thinking. Yeah, right, another local marketer promising some thing they won't deliver, just like every other marketer I've ever hired.
That's what every client I have thought before they hired me.
What They Say
Acupuncture Stem Cell
Dr. Yasmin Harounian L.Ac.

I have worked with Edward Burke for the past two months and it has been a delightful experience. He is knowledgeable and experienced and actually does what he says he will do. He is the best SEO person I have ever come across and have work with. I absolutely recommend him for every business owner. He got me on the first page of Google in less than a month. And he converted my website to be ADA compliant. I truly feel that every business needs his services.

Thank you Edward Burke
(this is their Google insight)
Do I Really Need Local Marketing?
If you own a business, you know marketing your business plays an important role in having a successful business and that having your business available in more places produces more business. The question is, what is the most cost-effective way to market your business? The old-time marketing ways may not be as effective as they used to be.
200% Or More Increase in
1 Month

"Massage therapist", located in NYC
In the last 3 ½ months they got:
Pool cleaner located in Pennsylvania

7 calls in 6 weeks

I put them on the 1st page on May 2nd

18 calls in the next 6 weeks
This Sliding Door repair service

May they had 0 calls

June they had 17 calls
"AC repair service" located in Florida
(these are their Google insight)
43 calls in the next 3 months
What if I'm already getting traffic?

This Chiropractor was getting traffic for "acupuncture" but not for their main service, chiropractor.

They got 317 calls & 309 request for directions in 3 months! Pretty good, right?  
Then I put them on the 1st page for "chiropractor" too!

They got 508 calls & 603 request for directions in the last 3 months!

     191 MORE calls & 294 MORE request in the last 3 months!
Auto repair located in Indiana

380% more calls
500% more requests for directions
in 6 weeks
The most important part of marketing in Google is TRAFFIC! Google's traffic or "customer actions" tells you how many people visited your website, how many called you, how many got driving directions to your business and how many people messaged you.

MORE traffic (customer actions) = MORE website visits & MORE phone calls & MORE requests for directions!

It doesn't matter how much traffic your Google My Business gets now, as soon as your business gets listed on the 1st page, in the Google "3 pack", and the top 3 in Google Maps, your traffic can go up 200, 300 even 500%!

Still a 190% increase in "actions"  in the last 3 months!
5 calls & 5 requests for directions For June & half of July

Put them on the 1st page July 20th
17 times more calls in 1 month
251% more calls in 6 weeks

July - 6 calls & 4 requests for direction to their office
August - 41 calls & 26 requests for direction to their office

683% MORE calls in 1 month
650% more requests for direction in 1 month
4 calls in 3 months
Over 10 times more calls in the last 3 months!
19 calls & 25 requests for directions For June & half of July